The Benefits of Rebounding

If you think that “bouncing around” is just for kids, then think again!  There are a ton of health & fitness benefits that you can get from bouncing! Just 15 minutes a day is all you need to start feeling the impact that this uber fun activity can have on your health.  There are several studies, including one done in 1980 involving NASA astronauts, that support several of the health benefit claims being made about rebounding. (1)

So what exactly can rebounding do for you?  Plenty!  Here a just a few reasons to give this new-again exercise platform some serious consideration: 


Benefits your lymphatic system
Improved cardiovascular health 
Improved balance & coordination 
Helps relieve stress



The lymphatic system is something of a “waste disposal system” in our body.  It is via this system that toxins can be drained from our bodies however, unlike the cardiovascular system it is not automatic.  The lymphatic system relies on movement to essentially turn it on and get the lymphatic fluid, where toxins collect, moving thereby allowing those toxins to leave the body.  It seems that rebounding is a great way to WAKE UP the lymphatic system and get it moving . . . and again, it’s FUN!

When it comes to cardiovascular health, rebounding supports blood circulation.  It decreases the risk of blood pooling in the veins, especially in the legs which can result in edema.  It has also been shown that regularly rebounding may in fact help to lower blood pressure.

While rebounding may look more like playing than exercising, do not discount the fact that it is indeed exercise!  Don’t believe me?  Get yourself onto a trampoline or rebounder and set a timer for 15 minutes . . . okay are you a little winded?!?!?!  That movement of bouncing, while improving your cardiovascular health is also giving your metabolism a great kickstart!  Not to mention that this is an excellent form of exercise for those individuals who suffer with joint pain by providing a low-impact alternative.

When bouncing on a rebounder, you are actively engaging your ocular and inner ear canal.  This directly impacts your balance and proprioception by helping to improve your coordination, timing, balance as well as reaction time because of the continuous up and down motion.

We all have stress in our lives.  Some of us manage it better than others, but if you are someone who feels like you are constantly struggling to come up for air under a massive weight of stress that will not go away, rebounding is something you may want to try.  Rebounding, even 5-10 minutes, stimulates an increase in blood flow to those muscles that have largely been underused during your day;  like if you sit most of the day at a desk.  It will also loosen up and help to relax overused muscles.  You know what else rebounding does in the body to improve mood and lower  stress levels?  That “bouncing around” helps your body to release the natural calming chemicals known as ENDORPHINS!   Look . . . have you ever seen an unhappy kid on a trampoline?!?!  I rest my case, lol!

If you are interested in doing your own research rebounders and mini trampolines are very easy to find and you can pick one up at a pretty low price.  Another great resource to find a great deal is yard sales and garage sales;  there’s a good chance you can find one that’s barely been used for next to nothing!

Also, rebounding fitness classes are becoming more and more popular at gyms and fitness clubs.  Check out what is offered in your community and get yourself to a class to see what all the rage is about!  And lastly . . .












Author: Tonya

Tonya is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner & has over 25 years experience working in the health, fitness & wellness industry as a coach & nutrition counselor. She is also an international women's figure athlete, having represented Canada & New Zealand.

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